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Used Semen Tanks
You can find some great deals here.  
We do test tanks before listing them 
 so buy with confidence. 
We do not have any used tanks on hand that are not listed on this page.
Good used tanks are few and far between so you will only see a few tanks
 a year listed on this page. You should also notice that the posted date and
the sale date are listed so you know how long a used tank has been online
and when it sold.

Why are the SOLD tanks still listed?
The sold tanks are here to give you an idea of what a used tank should cost.
Keep in mind when comparing to others that our tanks are
filled and tested before being shipped.


This is a Stainless Biostat 1000-X. Tested and ready to go. I've used it to store semen and it works great with a very good hold time. The tank is heavy so no shipping, local pickup only. Has six canisters with it but can hold up to 15 canisters total Has a dial on the top to select the canister.

$275 Local pick up only. Comes filled with nitrogen and ready to go. Listed January 11, 2015


XC47/11-10 with 10 canisters

This tank is one of my bulk tanks that I purchased new and it has only been moved 3 times since. It is currently holding semen and it will take a few days to get it shipped. Current new retail is $1195.

$785 shipping included SOLD

Listed 6-7-2012 Sold 7-25-12


20 Liter Freeze Branding Tank

This is one of the best freeze branding tanks I have received in a while. It will hold for about a month and the mouth is big enough to allow a branding iron to fit into it without pouring into another container. In the picture the brand is a 3.5" number that has plenty of room to go down the neck. No canisters, not for storing semen.

$250 plus shipping SOLD
listed 6-28-12 Sold 6-28-12

HC18 Freeze Branding Tank

This tank will hold for about 4 weeks so it is perfect for freeze branding. No canisters and is not being sold to store semen. Check the photos because the cork is a replacement that is bigger than the original. Because of this the lid will not close all the way.

$180 shipping included SOLD
Listed 6-7-2012 Sold 6-11-12

NEW! XC20 with 6 canisters and full 5 year warranty.

This is a new tank that was ordered by a customer last week and never picked up. It is still in the original box and has the full factory warranty, all 6 canisters, and a measuring stick. It's sitting in my office taking up space so it has to go.

$480 shipping included. SOLD
Listed 1-20-2010 Sold 1-20-2010


MVE SC8/5 with 5 canisters
Please read this carefully as this is a specialty tank.

This tank has 5" canisters rather than the regular 11" canisters that come in an XC20 (and other) tanks that we sell.  It will hold 8 liters for 5 weeks and it originally had 6 canisters with a capacity of 1122 straws on one level (
not 11" 2 level canes!). With 5 canisters it will hold 935 straws.

Neck opening  2.18"
Overall height  18.5"
Outside diameter 10.2"
Canister height 
Canister diameter 1.65"
Weight empty 12 lbs
Weight full  27 lbs

This is my personal tank that I use to carry semen to other locations because it is small and easy to handle. If you need to carry a couple straws or a few hundred of only a few bulls this is the perfect working tank. It allows me to carry a lighter tank into the field rather than my larger bulk tanks for breeding. This tank was purchased April 2005 and has factory warranty until April 2010. Add shipping to the price. (New Retail $912)
$350 SOLD!

listed 11-05-09 Sold 11-27-09

MVE XC20 with warranty

Used XC20 liquid nitrogen tank. Still has 1 year factory warranty. It is a trade in for a customer that upgraded to a larger tank.  Excellent condition, still in original box.
Add Shipping to price
$400 SOLD!

Listed 10-12-09 Sold 10-13-09

New Vapor shipper for semen transport.
We no longer carry this line of tanks and this is the last one in stock. It comes with a box designed for shipping the tank in so there is no need to buy an expensive protective cover. I have used these in the past with good results but I do not recommend them for daily use.
The IC 4VS is the perfect lost cost shipper if it is used occasionally (twice per month or less).
Brand New in box with 2 year factory warranty.  120 straw capacity 3 week hold time.

$400 plus $20 shipping in the USA

Used Semen Tank MVE SC20/20 

This tank was a trade in for a bigger one. It has a 4 month hold time and 520 straw capacity. It has the same specs as the new SC 20/20.  Click here for specs
Has a No DOA guarantee. If the tank doesn't hold nitrogen when it arrives we will refund the purchase price.
$325 plus $30 shipping in the USA

listed 10-31-2007       SOLD 10-31-07


MVE XC20 with warranty

Used XC20 liquid nitrogen tank. Still has 1 year factory warranty. It is a trade in for a customer that upgraded to a larger XC34/18. This tank is in excellent shape and will not last long.
Add Shipping to price

Listed 4-6-07 SOLD 4-16-07

  Freeze Branding Tank

Linde freeze branding tank- Will hold for about 6 weeks- No canisters. This tank will not be sold for storing semen. Will work well for a freeze branding tank.


Listed: 4-26-06    SOLD! 4-26-06

This tank is a used MVE SC20/20. It has been tested and works fine. This tank was built Circa 1994 and was kept inside until the owner traded it in on a new larger tank. New price for this tank is $695.



Used MVE SC20/20  $325 Click here for specs
Relisted 4-26-06 Never received payment so this one is back on the market.
Sold! 4-27-06

This is a 2 year old Used XC47/11-6. It was lost in shipping and I finally got it back months later. I have used it at the ranch for the last 18 months with no problems. This one lists at $1115 new on our website.

Actual Picture Coming soon... This is a stock photo.


Used MVE XC 47/11-6  $800 Click here for specs
listed 2-8-06 - Still here as of 4-27-06 If you need large capacity don't miss out on this one.

  I may have an older 16 liter tank coming in the next few weeks (January 06). It will hold about 400 straws. Hold time is about 2 months. I am currently testing it but I filled this tank for years and am confident it will be OK. It is an old Linde brand tank is is not pretty but it does work. It would make a good freeze branding tank but it held semen for years before being traded in for a bigger one.


16 Liter Linde $250 to be listed soon  SOLD!

MVE SC 20/20

This tank is about 5 or 6 years old and in excellent condition. It was in the original box and plastic indoors. It was rarely moved and is in excellent condition. It has been tested and I will guarantee it.


$350 plus shipping Listed 1-8-06 SOLD 1-8-06

This tank is only 1 year old and has a 4 year vacuum warranty from the factory. It is currently filled with liquid nitrogen and has semen stored in it. Please allow 3 days for shipping as the semen has to be transferred to the new, bigger tank our customer has ordered. We rarely get in a tank in a tank this new so don't delay in calling because it may not be around long!

$400 plus shipping  listed 5-25-05 SOLD 5-26-05

MVE Orion ET-22 Built circa 1995 by MVE this is a well kept tank that we are still using today. We have recently purchased a large tank (200,000 straw capacity) and no longer have use for this smaller tank. It will easily hold 3 months between fills and has 1000 straw capacity. It comes with six canisters and is in very good condition. Pick it up full of liquid nitrogen at the office or we can ship it empty anywhere in the USA for about $28. 
listed 6-30-04

This is a French made used semen tank from the mid 1980's. It has 3 plastic canisters and has been tested to hold for a minimum of 3 months. It will easily hold 200 straws.

$290 SOLD                                                               

This is a new semen tank that was ordered and never picked up. It has 3 canisters with a 500 straw capacity. The 5 year factory warranty has just gone into effect. Click the tank to check the specs. 
This is a brand new semen tank with five year warranty. It was ordered for a customer but the check bounced. This is a great tank for holding lots of semen (4500 straws). Click here for more info...
 Used Semen Tank. SC20, same specs as new tank. Still has 2 years warranty.
Used XC47/11/6 Used semen tank with 6 canisters. Holds approximately 4500 straws. Holds liquid nitrogen it's standard 6 to 8 weeks. Great used semen tank but too heavy for field work. New semen tank this size sells for $1015.00
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