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Breeding Available Nationally

Randy Goode is available to breed cattle nationwide, at your location, using a timed breeding protocol. Fees are based on what is needed and location. 

If you are interested in learning AI or just need a tune-up, Randy can help you breed your own cattle while giving one on one instruction.


For distances over 150 miles we use a private plane for travel to save time and expense. Unless there are special circumstances the current rate for travel is $1.50 per mile round trip via car or plane. Travel via plane can be less expensive because we can fly a direct route and many times return the same day which cuts out hotel expenses.


We have several ranches that get together and coordinate their efforts in order to save expenses on breeding. If you would like for Randy to breed your herd be sure to ask if there are any other ranches in the area that you can coordinate with in order to save on travel expenses.

Email Randy directly at for more information. International inquiries are welcome as we frequently asked to travel abroad to breed cattle.

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 Artificial Insemination (A.I.) is the use of semen from a genetically superior male to inseminate a cow hopefully resulting in a genetically superior offspring.

One of the main ingredients in a successful A.I. program is heat detection. At Goode Cattle Company we have taken the guess work out of heat detection by using both spotter bulls (also know as Gomer Bulls) and the HeatWatch system.

A Spotter bull is a surgically altered bull that allows for the mounting of females without the possibility of impregnating them. A halter is placed on the spotter bull that has an ink reservoir attached. This reservoir has a spring loaded ball at the bottom that allows it to open when pressure is applied much like a ball point pen. When the spotter bull mounts a female the ink is released making a ink stain on the cow thus marking her as being in heat. Click here to learn more about using spotter bulls.

The HeatWatch system is an electronic device that sits atop the cows tail head. When she is mounted during estrus a signal is sent to a computer that records precisely when the heat began. The computer also relays how long the cow was in heat and the number of times mounted. This system improves the chances of getting a pregnancy by letting the technician impregnate the cow with optimal timing. Click here to learn more about HeatWatch.

Both systems are proven to get results and are utilized in our programs. Call us to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have.  

Artificial Insemination 



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